Jumat, 15 April 2011

intermezo (just intermezo) ^^

When I missed someone and I don’t know what I must supposed to do, it always make me happy when I dreamed for it. And I believed, someday I’ll meet him/her in a good time. =)


All this time we were waiting for each other,,
All this time I was waiting for you,,
We got all these words can't waste them on another,,
So I'm straight in a straight line,,
Running back to you,,

OneRepublic-All This Time

2 komentar:

Tika mengatakan...

waaa... jadinya keren huunn... ^o^
nice job.. b^^d

Maroon Grace Lady mengatakan...

tetep attracting-an di tumblr tapi sayh,,
ada efek gimananya gtu,,
jadi kpengen buat tumblr juga,, :33