Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

100 facts about me!

1.I wait for my parents to be in a good mood before asking something

2.I hate it when I'm singing a song that my friend doesn't know, and they start singing something else.

3.My level of maturity changes depending on who I'm with

4.I love how I am loved by the person I love.

5.I ♥ Kasur

6.I hate being disturbed when I am sleeping

7.Some songs remind me of certain love-events

8.Sometimes, I need someone who tells me what to do

9.I hate waking up from an awesome dream and forgetting what happened.

10.I love to write parts of song's lyrics in my Twitter/Facebook status

11.I put my favorite song for a single play, love to ear it again and again

12.When computer said "press any key" I always hit spacebar or enter

13.I love chewing on straws until they are completely flat!

14.I put things in a safe place, then forget where the safe place is.

15.I can stay at home all day long, as long as I have my PC, internet, and my phone.

16.#imsinglebecause I'm too CUTE for everyone (⌒.⌒)

17.My First Kiss = MOM.

18.I am closer to MOM than DAD

19.I believe in love at the first sight for I've been loving my MOM since I opened
my eyes.

20.I believe that love is blind since my MOM started loving me before seeing my

21.I deserve love without terms and conditions.

22.I love when I say one word to my best friend and burst out laughing then we stop, look at each other and start laughing again

23. I hate when I text someone and they text back.... who's this?

24. I hate it when I need a tissue and nobody has one

25. I hate when I accidentally bite my tongue.

26. I feel like I should clean the house, so I am going to lay down until the feeling passes

27. I'll start a diet tomorrow means.......... just saying (•ˆ⌣ˆ •)

,,to be continued,,

7 komentar:

Yogi mengatakan...


Maroon Grace Lady mengatakan...

napa gi melet2? :33

Velalicious mengatakan...

(yogi trnyata eksis di blog kmu juga :p)

point 13 lhooooooo.... hahaha
nes, nes, emg alay dah ni anak (sama kayak aku)

Maroon Grace Lady mengatakan...

kena virus haya juga kamu vel,, :20

kamu juga kayak gtu vel,,
sehati sudah!
tosss!!!! :27

yogi mengatakan...

wah, ad yg ngomongin aq

Maroon Grace Lady mengatakan...

loh yogi balik lagi ternyata,,
dapet notification gi? :30

Little-Heart mengatakan...
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