Senin, 08 Juli 2013


We people are meant to be loved.
It’s normal to get hurt because of love because…
LOVE is a package deal…
It come with sadness, pain, bliss, and of course happiness.
When you start loving someone, you feel happiness and bliss. Loving someone can lead to the point where you’ll feel……sadness and when you feel sad, you’re in pain.
Love hurts… it’s true.
When we feel to much bliss, we shed tears. when we feel hurt, we shed tears. It’s okay to shed tears for someone you truly love.
Find someone who is worth of your tears.

First Love doesn’t matter… Last Love is.
We people can feel love to anyone but True Love only takes one person to make us know what does it really means.
Being afraid of love is normal. But giving up on love?  it’s too early to give up, Life is a long way run.
Love comes surprisingly but True Love has it’s timing.
for me… there’s NO exact word to describe what love is.

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